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When you think of the word Kindness, that word is the essence of the heart of Tangie Haines. Kindness has always come naturally for the President and founder of the non-profit organization PINK, People In Need of Kindness. Whether it's dropping a card in the mail to brighten someones' day, or volunteering to a cause that she is passionate about, PINK seemed the most appropriate passion project to pursue to help disadvantaged people in need of a little help and support. 


Tangie grew up in Detroit, and has always had a heart for giving back. She says "Giving back is learned from my mom who I have observed all my life caring and serving others effortlessly. 

She is an amazing caregiver and I admire her in so many ways"


Although Tangie has spent most of her career in client relations, one of her notable achievements include volunteering for adult literacy programs in the city of Detroit for over twenty five years. "I love learning and reading, and it is important to me to help others enjoy all that reading has to offer". Again, committed to supporting those in need, and thankful to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of others in the community.  


PINK will partner with like-minded non-profit organizations across the state to provide resources to assist those that simply are in need of kindness. Tangie believes everyone should have access to resources, education and support to help them feel empowered and experience genuine kindness. 


Tangie, in her spare time loves to travel, shop, dine out, volunteer and most importantly, spend quality time with her family. 




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